The mystery and the glory of the ancient Mayan Empire can be felt through the mist of the centuries. But, who were the Mayas ?

Most of their secrets lie in the jungle of Mexico and Guatemala, but now you can have a part of those secrets!

TIKAL EXPORTS is the outcome of the manufacturers of the most fine handicrafts in Guatemala, with dozens of products to offer, including articles of leather, wood, jade, ceramic and silver.

With prices that cover all ranges, we can provide masterpieces of Mayan art to the most exclusive art collector as well as the buyer looking for an offer to decorate his house or office with a handicraft that shows the beauty of the Maya art.

Our products come from Antigua Guatemala, Chichicastenango, Panajachel, Nahuala, and other places with Indian artisans, that made exclusive designs for Tikal Export.

Customized designs can be made under request.

We are in the capacity of attending to orders from all over the world, especially from NAFTA, Europe, Japan and the Middle East. We deliver directly to your home or office by UPS, DHL or a similar service.

This list shows some of the pieces (replicas) that are available:





Pictures in acrilic with Maya craft: 9" x 12" (CODE 1015 ) $ 114.95

Cotton cloth with pictures of Maya tomb: (For decoration of walls, like pictures)

Maya playground: 34" x 30" (CODE 3010) $ 114.95
Maya astronaut: 50" x 25" (CODE 3020) $ 124.95
Underworld canoe: 50" x 18" (CODE 3030) $ 114.95
Maya dancer: 68" x 32" (CODE 3040) $ 154.95
Typical jacket with typical design S, L, XL (CODE 5015) $ 179.95
Telar: a handmade woven of cotton ..21" x 16". (CODE 7015) $ 149.95
Your name or the name of your company or business can be put on it    
Floor carpet, with Maya design: 80" x 64" (CODE 8016) $ 359.95
Wood plater, with Maya craft (CODE 9010) $ 94.95
Ceremonial wood mask: 5" x 10" (CODE 10016) $ 149.95
Replica of Maya vase: 8" x 3" (CODE 12016) $ 189.95


"Stelae" are monoliths of rock that Mayas used to engrave "glifos", a form of writing by mean of signs, similar to the found in Egyptian Pyramids.

Some of the stelae found in the Maya Jungle are 30 feet high and weigh 50 tons. In Tikal Exports we made this replicas to scale (average 1/40 ) for you:




Replica of stelae 10 of Ceibal 10" x 4" ( CODE 12215 ) $ 94.95
Replica of stelae Leyden 10" x 4" ( CODE 12315 ) $ 94.95
Replica of stelae 16 of Tikal 10" x 4" ( CODE 12415 ) $ 94.95
Replica of stelae 10 C of Quirigua 10" x 4" ( CODE 12515 ) $ 94.95
Replica of stelae 2 of Machaquila 10" x 4" ( CODE 12615 ) $ 94.95
Replica of stelae 10 of Xultun 10" x 4" (CODE 12715 ) $ 94.95

Jade articles




Maya jewelry (jade/gold/silver) many designs (CODE 13016) from $ 189.95
Jade and golfield necklace (CODE 14010) $ 349.95
Jade and old Spanish silver coins necklace (CODE 14017) $1299.95
Jade shackles 4" (CODE 15010) $ 209.95
Jadeite /marble animals (non jade) (CODE 15210) $ 189.95
Jade eggs 1.8" (CODE 15310) $219.95
Jade eggs 2.5" (CODE 15320) $ 259.95
Onix eggs 2.5" (CODE 15410) $ 149.95
Jadeite maya mask (non jade) (CODE 15550) $ 499.95
Marble maya mask (non jade) (CODE 15650) $ 289.95
Mohogany and jade chess: 10" x 10" (CODE 17017) $1899.95

There are many objects than can be made of jade. Ask us for a a customized

Jade Masks

Jade mask: (used by Mayan kings in their voyages to the Underworld )




Tomb 160: (TIKAL) 8" x 5" (CODE 16017) $1599.95
Tomb 160: (TIKAL) 10" x 7".original size (CODE 16027) $2599.95
El Naranjo: 5" x 5" (CODE 16047) $1499.95
"Pacal" (PALENQUE) (CODE 16057) $1699.95

All pieces come with a certificate of being authentic jade.






Pictures by primitivist artists that show scenes from the City of Antigua, Lake Atitlan, volcanos, and scenes from the Indian life ( CODE 18010 ) from.$ 799.95
Birds of ceramic (looks like real)..8" high ( CODE 55010 ) $ 299.95
Frontispiece of a Colonial house (made of wood) 10-15" ( CODE 55020) $389.95
Painted ceramic sculpture 10" high ( CODE 55030 ) $499.95

Send the photo of somebody you want in ceramic and our artisans will make the sculpture,
in 1 month.




Jar with painting of Antigua, or landscape...24" high (CODE 55040) $ 249.95
Video of Tikal or Antigua (CODE 19010) $104.95


Most of our pieces are handmade by craftsmen of Mayan ancestry, with skills similar to those used by Mayans centuries ago. All products are of the highest quality, however, the products with codes ending with a "7" are true masterpieces, made with the best materibals and the finest finishings.

All of our products are absolutly legal and ARE NOT result of smuggling or loot, and come with a certificate from IDAHE (Antropology and History Institute of Guatemala). Our pieces are replicas made by master artisans for the art lover of all the world.

The prices shown are retail. Items with codes ending with a "5" can be purchased at wholesale or better prices. All prices include shipping and handling to NAFTA (USA, MEXICO and CANADA) and Central America. For the rest of the world add $36 (for item 11017 add $86).

Delivery takes 3 to 4 weeks. Other products available by request.

Send Personal check, Certified Check or Money Order, enclosing the order form your name and address to:

SISTEMAS DIGITALES Section 1820, P.O. BOX 02-5339 MIAMI, FL. 33102-5339

Order Form:

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Product Information:

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For questions or more information contact us at: evergate@guaweb.net

Welcome to the mystery of the Maya world, it is waiting for you to discover......

The Mayas

The Mayan Civilization was the most advanced precolombian culture with its Clasic Period from 300 to 800 A.C., (while Europe lived in the Middle Ages). Mayans had a wide range of knowledge of mathematical sciences, astronomy, a system of writing by means of glyphs and a calendar more advanced that the one we use today. They lived in the land that today is part of southern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Northwest Honduras. Mayans were magnificient artists and scientists who disappeared completely sometime between 950 and 1100 A.C. This disappearance is one of the more intricate mysteries of the archaeological world. But before they lost in the sands of time they left us a magnificent legacy of cities containing pyramids up to 200 feet high, palaces, monoliths of stone called "estelas" with beautiful carvings with the history of mangificent kings, wars betwen cities, sacrifices and the gods of their religion. Those cities were lost for centuries in the jungle, and only in the past forty years that archeologist of all the world discovered its secrets. These long-lost cities include: Uaxactun, Palenque, Copan, Rio Azul, Ceibal, El Mirador, Chichen Itza, Chetumal and the legendary Tikal.

The territory where these archeological jewels are is known today as the Mayan Route, a international tourist project that included hundreds of archeological sites, jungles, rivers and lakes with a spectacular fauna of birds, monkeys and other species. They also include beaches of incredible beauty like Cancun, Isla Mujeres (Mexico) and the Island of San Pedro (Belize).

The Mayan Route is visited by thousands of tourists every year looking for the mystery and the adventure in this magic land.

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