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CWS Online is pleased to announce our service center. We're dedicated to bring the best possible products at the best prices. Providing you with the widest range of marketing resources available in CyberSpace.

Home Pages   Personal presence in the Web at an affordable price. For $77.00 per year you can have your place in cyberspace (up to 1 Mbytes of information).

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Web Sites   You can setup your own commercial collection of web pages at an affordable price. For $220.00 per year you can do business in the Web(up to 3 Mbytes of information).

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Virtual Server   Have your own web server with a unique domain name to show your company's growth potential through cyberspace. For $660.00 per year you'll be a step ahead of your competition (up to 5 Mbytes of information).

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Products   We strive to provide you with the best brands of computer and internet supplies. You'll find here a world class customer service designed to offer state-of-the-art technology.
Guatemala   This is the Guatemalan section of this site. You'll find here lifestyle, community, folklore, events, travel information and useful data about this country.

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