Hair Transplants Laser Surgery

Microscopic photography of micro and mini grafts previous transplant.

Bernardo Finkel, M.D.
"My main concern is to obtain a result
that is not only attractive but looks natural"

Now there is a permanent solution for man and women's hair loss.

Dr. Finkel uses the most advanced laser techniques to restore hair loss and leave the patient with a natural look.

Dr. Finkel, an internationally trained laser micro hair transplant surgeon who treats patients from around the world, is known for providing quality hair transplants at reasonable rate.

Our techniques are the most cost-effective solution to the problem of hair loss and provide permanent growing hair.

We use the most advanced techniques available, and we are currently #1 in this field in Israel.

The hair transplant will last you for the rest of your life giving you a natural look.

Our treatment is selected specifically for your individual case. We have the solution for anyone and everyone.

We provide an honest, realistic medical evaluation for each individual hair loss problem.


The modern techniques of mini and micro grafting, using laser surgery, allows for immediate aesthetic results, and provide an undetectable and natural look.


Dr. Finkel has treated more than 1200 successful cases and has an international reputation.

Case No. 431

"I feel better about my appearance, myself confidence is much higher. I don't only feel younger, I really have become so".

Case No. 682

"For Dr. Finkel I'm not only a patient. I'm proud to be his personal friend. Thanks to him, I am now more active than ever".

Case No. 693

"I found this treatment great. I'm so impressed about the results, that I can highly recommend Dr. Finkel's work, and find his reputation for being one of the best in the world to be accurate".

Case No. 714

"When I heard Dr. Finkel's explanations about laser hair transplants I knew I had found the solution to my problem. This is the reason that I strongly recommend him for women who have hair loss".

Natural and Beautiful

We believe that hair transplant laser surgery is the best solution, because it becomes permanently growing hair, requires no special maintenance, and looks natural.

You must be careful in choosing a doctor! He must be very experienced, should inspire you with confidence an must be backed by an efficient clinical staff that uses de most advanced technology in the world.

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