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The following are current "B" Subjects

Banco de Guatemala: Banco de Guatemala

BancaRed: BancaRed

BancaRed: BancaRed

Banco de la Construccion: Banco de la Construccion

Banco Inmobiliario: Banco Inmobiliario

Banco Metropolitano: Banco Metropolitano

Banco del Occidente: Banco Occidente

Banco Promotor: Banco Promotor

Banex: Banex

Blanco & Negro: Diseño Grafico y Publicidad

Bea: Bea, Directorio en Español

BFD Imports: a collection of Indigeneous clothing for sale online

Biblio Noticias: Native Peoples of Guatemala Book List.

Biblioteca Nacional de Guatemala: Books in Guatemala

Biosfera Project: Ecological and General Information of Guatemala

British Petroleum Company: Petroleo Britanico

Business Guidebook: as compiled by FUNDESA


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